9. desember 2013

Facebook competition

I've decided to have a little pre Christmas competition on my Facebook page. All you have to do is like my page and comment under the picture what gift you want. The plan is to announce one winner on monday December 16th, but if a lot of people participate there is high chance of me picking more than one. For more information and pictures you can follow the links below.

1: http://epla.no/handlaget/produkter/662246/
2: http://epla.no/handlaget/produkter/569127/
3: http://epla.no/handlaget/produkter/669231/
4: http://epla.no/handlaget/produkter/668520/

7. november 2013

Repurposed ties

I've had some old and colerful ties laying around for ages. I have tried several things with them but nothing really worked befor I got my hands on some flex frames. They were just the right size so I could turn the ties into small coin purses.

I love the bold and colerful pattens from the 70s

But after making these purses I have learnt to love the less colerful and more tradidional brown stripes as well.

To open you just squeeze the two sides togheter.

5. oktober 2013

Purses of reused material

Judging by the activity on my blog you might think not much creative work has been done by me lately. Luckily, that is not the case, I've just been to busy to get the things i have done online.

I'll start off by showing you some purses in various sizes suitable for many things.

 They are made for many different tings such as tablecloths, pillowcases, old tapestry, ribbons and more.The flat one has a strap that can be attached so that it can be used as a wrist clutch.

The two biggest ones are big enough to carry shampoo bottles and are lined with oilcloth so that they can be easily cleaned if something got spilled inside them. 

21. juli 2013

Patchwork pillows

The sun is shining and the summer is finally here. What do I do.. decide to shrink my leftover basket. The result were these pillows.

2. juni 2013

I won! :)

There are always plenty of giveaways taking place in numerous blogs around the web. As most of us do I write a comment and share whatever needs to be shared and think no more of it. There are a lot of people competing so chances are slim. 

But this time it was finally my turn, and the prize was a fantastic Hand colored D.G.A by the artist Rutheart whose blog you can find here

 The package arrived and on the front it had a small and exiting envelope attached to it.

 When I opened it I found a very nice personal greeting from the sender.

Inside I was expecting  an image called P i n n o c h i o but to my surprise I fond not just one, but two pictures.  Pinnochio was accompanied by "the last samurai" Both pictures was blogged about here

5. mai 2013

Repurposed paint swaps

Last summer I had various paint projects around the hose, and projects like tat generate a lot of pain samples. They looked very decorative all piled up and colorful so I decided that i wanted to try to give them a new purpose.

To get some ideas I decided to look to google for inspiration. And to my surprise a lot of different ideas appeared.  I knew there were a lot of creative people out there but that one could do so many different things with those small bits of paper really surprised me.

I decided to make these small notebooks. They were really simle to make and I used recycled paper cut to size inside. (Bills and formal letters always have half a blank side that I cut of an collected for a while for this project.)
If I stamp my contact information on the back they can be given out as useful businesscards. 

Under you'll find a list of some of the things I found on my search. Click the images to go to the wanted page.

Choose Your Color Paint Sample Notebook  Mint & Coral Home Decor // Coasters // Choose Your Color  // Recycled Paint Sample  Gift box with paint color chart as tag 

paint chip greeting cards  


28. april 2013

New dominos

These are my latest dominoes. All of them are already in my shop, but now they can be used both as a pendant and a key chain.

I have also been getting a lot of questions about where to get the supplies to make the cake-stands I showed you here and. So I have added the information for those that are interested.


21. april 2013

Crochet babys hat

This gorgeous little girl is my daughter's sister Elea Sofie. She is always happy just like her sister was at that age and I was lucky enough to be allowed to use her as a model for my baby hat experiments.

I got a lot of Egyptian cotton from a local yarn shop that was closing down. I'm still a crochet novice so I need small projects if I'm to have any hope of finishing. But I needed a little bit more challenge than washcloths so I decided to have a go at baby hats.

I didn't use a pattern to make these so the size was a little bit of a gamble. (not completely true, I did try to follow this tutorial, but for some reason it didn't work for me so i decided to wing it) I got lucky with the first one who was the perfect fit for 4,5 months old Elea. But the sunhat was a little on the small side so that would probably fit a 1-3 months old better. 

I'm attending a summer crafting fair at the end of May and If I'm able to finish a few more of these I'll bring them with me


13. april 2013

Tutorial - potholders

These potholders are very decorative and easy to make. You decide what size you want, but mine are about 6" because that is the size of my square quilting ruler.

What you need:

Fabric, minimum 2 different pattern, but for a more dramatic effect use 4.
Fire resistant padding (I got mine from E-bay)

Cut 10 fabric squares (you need 5 for every potholder) and 2 padding squares.

Fold 8 of the squares in half and iron

Put two triangels back to back.

Put the third triangle on top of the square.

Lift up the triangle in the back and put it over the one on top.

Your square should look something like this.

Add the 4.th triangle.

Flipp over the corners on the top and bottom triangle

Put down the top triangle first

Put down the last corner and you should have a square that looks like this.

Take a piece of ribbon and stitch it to one of the corners.

Add the padding

Then put the final fabric square on top of that.

Sew all the way around and cut off the corners

Reverse the whole thing via the whole in the center og the 4 triangles in front.

21. februar 2013

Freehand machine embroidery

February isn't just my brothers month. A few days after him it was both his wifes birthday and mothers day. My sister in law had wanted me to make a embroidery of their dog for a long time so i decided that this would be a good opportunity fulfill her wish.

And when I first got started I desided to make a butterfly for my mother as well.

I mounted the pieces on some suede leather and made some pouches of that like i did last time. The only difference now was that i decided to line the pouches with fabric that matched the colors of the dog/butterfly.sadly I forgot to take a picture of that before I gave them away.


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