19. mars 2011

A little boys hat

Baby/children clothes was never on my ”to do” list when I bought my sewing machine. But when good friends decide to multiply it’s time to think new. This time it was a beautiful little boy that deserved a little "welcome this world" present. Looking for patterns online I discovered that there are very little to choose from for boys so I ended up making two hats with matching bibs. The pattern is the same as my granmother used.

My daughters’ words when she saw the finished hats was: “ahh… I wish you could sew when I was a baby because I’m sure I would have wanted one of those…” I take that as a compliment and hope the little man in eastern Norway agrees :)

På norsk


15. mars 2011

Pimp my puzzle...

I like paper, and for the last 12 years it’s been the main component of my work. It started as an absolute necessity but developed into a passion. I called my first projects “paper mosaics” (Can be seen here and here) But eventually it became too time consuming, and the projects were longer and longer apart. But still I needed something to do, and when I stumbled on a picture of a collage on top of a puzzle I knew it would be the perfect project for me.

But if I had known then what I know now I would probably never have started because it took me exactly 8 months to finish. Why… because some projects are doomed to end up as unfinished whatever in the back of a closet. But I live in a very small house so not finishing isn’t an option. That’s why all the unfinished pieces have been staring at me from my working desk until the next collage revealed itself. (I don’t have a plan when I make pictures; they just appear while I sit at my desk)

But all is good that ends well… because it was during one of these “dry” periods that I decided that dominoes would be a good idea :)

1. mars 2011

A decorated notebook

First day of spring… finally… even if there is still freezing cold outside every minute of extra daylight helps boost both my mood and my creativity. With that in mind you would think that the best thing I could do was to take full advantage of the situation, but instead I stay at work for hours. That’s why I’ve decided to do a TV-kitchen twist… show you something I prepared earlier :)

This is another decorated notebook. Since the front and back is separated with a spiral I decided to decorate them with two very different collages, and as usual they are protected with three layers of glossy lacquer.


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