22. juni 2010


This is another pillow in the same style as the two I made earlier. As them it’s made from a combination of tapestry and fabrics I had laying around.

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18. juni 2010

Coloreful brass lamp

I have a strange affection for these old brass lamps. Before I have spray painted them black and that was it. This time I wanted something a little more fresh for my daughters room.

The hunt for lilac, pink and green spray paint began. I think you need to live in Norway for a while to realize how little craft supply is actually available here. So my hunt was very much not a success. Luckily there are still a few small independent stores around that manage to keep their head abow water.
In the one I eventually found there were no modern “punch a code/shake” machines. Just a manual thing that had to be turned by hand and then release one drop of this and two drops of that. Me, the happy customer, left the store with 3 old jars of varnish in my desired colors.
Sadly my daughter “grew up” before this project was finished. So this lamp ended up as a breath of fresh air on the wall of my multipurpose room. (the picture doesnt do the colores justise, its a lot brighter) The only thing missing are shades, but I’m hopeful that the right ones will turn up one beautiful day :)

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14. juni 2010

Re-purposed Barbie dolls

I was just randomly surfing the net, and most times it’s just a matter of killing time. But some days, like today, something worth remembering turns up. This time it was the jewelry artist Margaux Lange that caught my eye. She specializes in re-purposing of Barbie dolls. I find her jewelry toughly inspiring, and if you like the pictures you see here I recommend that you take a look at her site.
She also has an Etsy shop here. It’s a little out of my price range, but well worth a look anyway :)

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13. juni 2010


This weekend I participated in a sew along arranged at a forum that i frequent regularly. The result was this wallet and for my first attempt I’m relatively happy with it. But the next one is probably going to be a little bit narrower so that the cards don’t sit so loosely, and I’ll also use heavier interfacing to make it even more firm.


5. juni 2010

Heart in my hand

I can’t seem to agree with myself on this bag. The reason is simly that, no matter how much is happening in this bag, I still feel its missing something. But I have yet to find out what that something is. Not that it matters anymore, luckily most people didn’t agree with me so this bag does now have a new owner :)

The heart is made from the leftovers of an old wool sweather

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3. juni 2010

Buttercup purse

I couple of months ago I joined a “sew along” and the result was this bag. It’s called “the Buttercup bag” and the pattern can be found here.
It’s made from a vintage curtain I found at a second hand store and lined with lilac linen.

2. juni 2010

Decoupaged shelf

I have the ugliest shelf known to mankind hanging on my bathroom wall. It’s super practical but as I mentioned, as ugly as a shelf can be. I have been planning to decorate it, some day... So inspired by my “no sew” weekend it thought it would look better if I decorated it with paper. But instead of starting on this shelf I decided to try the technique on an old, untreated pine shelf I’ve had lying around for ages. (There’s not much I like less than untreated pine.) I used paper sheets meant for scrapping that I glued on with gel medium and then put varnish on top.

The shelf in my bathroom is still hanging on my wall, ugly and practical, but at least I’ve now got hope that it, one day…, will be a delight for the eye.

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