25. juli 2010

Precious - Norwegian redesigner

This Norwegian redesigner does (in my opinion) make some fantastic furniture. It’s impossible not to get inspired when entering her page Precious. Beautiful colors and the contrast between the traditional and more simple lines makes her work totally breathtaking to me.

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Sew one, sew two...

Sew many… I have to admit that I got hooked when I started sewing these small purses.

They are relatively easy to sew and a great way to get rid of some of the leftovers I have laying around.

They are quite small, about 10 cm long, and perfect to store coins or jewelry that need extra protection when kept in a toilet bag.

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14. juli 2010

Bag of squares

This is (for now) the last bag in a series made from old trousers. It could most definite have been made more firm with some interfacing. But at the time I didn’t have any available and I didn’t have the patience to wait till I could get some, so I let it turn out just the way it did:)

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12. juli 2010

Decorated note book

I like small note books and usually end up buying more than I use. Normally they are very dull to look at and therefore end up in my desk drawer. That’s why I decided to use the same technique as I used on the tin cans and decorate the outside with magazine clippings. The result is this light and decorative book that I have no problem leaving on top of the desk instead of hidden in a drawer.


9. juli 2010

Decorated tin cans

After my first tin I got hooked and just had to make some more. Like the first one this one is also decorated with clippings from magazines and covered with 3 coats of glossy varnish. My personal favorite is the first one.

6. juli 2010

Black and white bags

I finally finished the rest of my dear aunts’ order, a big bag, a small buttercup, a sunhat and these makeup bags. Of cause I forgot to take a proper picture of the sunhat, hut its reversible with black and white pattern on one side, and all black on the other.

Those that have been to IKEA lately might recognize the patterned fabric, whilst the black was some linen that I had lying around.

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