30. desember 2010

Fabric bowl with coasters

Now when the Christmas and birthday rush is over I can start blogging some of the things I made this year.
My parents have just redecorated their livingroom and my mother wanted something to match the new walls and furniture. So for her birthday she got a bowl with matching coasters in black and golden beige.

21. desember 2010

Cork board with a twist

My collection of old tapestries has grown slow but steadily. They are all different and come from different places but they all have one thing in common, they were framed. I really need to start using these frames for something soon or they will take over the house.
For me, nothing triggers my imagination more than having too much to do. So that a new use for some of these frames came to me during Christmas perorations was no surprise.

After a trip to my local second hand store I ended up with a gigantic cork board that was only god for shopping into smaller pieces. I sew parts of fabric together and decorated with lace before attaching it to the cork board with staples.

The frame was sprayed with sort of a brushed gold color before I put everything together
I also made my own push pins by gluing beads on top of draw pins.

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15. desember 2010

Baby blanket

A very good friend of mine is expecting his first child. And because of that I decided to sew a baby blanket.  Sadly flannel isn’t a type of fabric I have a lot of laying around, so I had to make the best of the few pieces I had.  When it was finished it didn’t really look like a boys blanket so I decided to give it to the parents to be a little early so that I would have time to make them something else if they didn’t like it. Luckily they did :)

11. desember 2010

Personalized pillow

This pillow was made to order for my dear aunt. She wanted a pillow that would match the colors in her living room and had all the grandchildren on it.
The picture of the kids had a rather messy background so I had to play around in photoshop with it, before printing it on cotton sheets. To help me find the right color I had a picture of the living room and my own memory. I’ll find out if I succeeded when I go to her house for dinner on Christmas day. But so far she didn’t say anything and I see that as a good sign… :-)

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5. desember 2010

Christmas bulbs

Now that we are half way through the advent period there have finally been some Christmas activities in my house as well.  As usual all the light bulbs run out at the same time, and while I was running around changing them all I started thinking about how their shape reminded me of Christmas bulbs and that they deserved a new life.  So I cut out some Christmas images, glued them on, sealed the surface , painted the metal part and sprinkled on some glitter.  

If you want to make your own bulbs you can find the tutorial here.
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3. desember 2010

This weeks Epla favourites

Some Epla shop owners decided to make their own weekly list of their favorite Epla products.  I thought that was such a good idea that I’ve decided to join in.  But making the list wasn’t as easy as I thought because there are so many beautiful things to choose from. But I finally managed to pick some. Pleas enjoy :)

1: Frøken Gry fra Iskrem

2: Øredobber fra Trumpery

3: 60-talls kurv fra Gnom

4: Julebukk fra Blåbær

5: Peysa fra DaMa

6: Hund fra Gyldenlakk designteam

7: Sminkepung fra KariM

8: Retro vase fra Retro igjen

9: "Itti bitty kitty purse" fra Portemone

10: "I'm doing fine..." fra Eplamarkedet

11: Votter fra Bare Lene

12: Halssmykke fra Unika
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