29. juni 2011

New triangle scarf

Yesterday two new scarf were added to my Epla store. One is in cooler summer colors and the other one has a warmer tone.
They are both sewn by the recipe that was my contribution to the book Made by me.


27. juni 2011

A chair befor and after

About 10 years ago i bought some dining room chairs at my local second hand store. They didn’t look very nice and were extremely uncomfortable to sit on. But they were the only chairs there the day I decided I wanted dining room chairs. They served their purpose for many years before they were relegated to the annex only to see the day of light when I needed an extra seat or two. 

I have been thinking about giving them a makeover for a long time. And because paper is and always will be my favorite material I decided to cover it in thin scrapping paper covered with three layers of lacquer.
I have now been looking at the chair for a few weeks and have decided that the décor was a bit too much.  So the next chair will get its leg painted in a solid color.

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20. juni 2011

Denim bowls

My daughter has yet again grown wich, as always, reduces her wardrobe to a minimum. Some of the pants can luckily be used as capries, but most are just too short and that’s what they look like. These jeans are granted a new life as denim bowls. In two of the bowls I combined the denim with some cotton leftover. All three bowls are for sale in my Epla store along with matching coasters.

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10. juni 2011

Deer or dog

Then the first phase of my "re-use porcelain project" was finished, and I see that I have a few hours of practice ahead of me. This was supposed to be the head of a deer, but now that it's done I must say that it looks more like a German shepherd due to its long snout. But I guess it could have been worse J

I sprayed the frame in a color I call "brushed gold" and used a sheet of scrapping paper for the background.

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