25. august 2012

New cake stands

I don’t have access to my craft area and sewing machine at the moment. So when I need a break from work and doing up my house what I have left is my collection of china plates.  So I have been playing with patterns, colors and drilling holes. So far that has resulted in 3 new cake stands and one candy dish. All of them will eventually find their way into my shop.

Also I now have a new all time favorite stand, the blue with flowers on the right. I was considering keeping it for myself for a while, but this house makeover has made me realize that I already have way to much stuff, so what I need is to downsize not add to my collection.

I have been getting a lot of email about where i get the supplies to make these stands so I thought I shold add that information to the post. 
I buy all my supplies for E-bay or Etsy but here is no point of me giving you the name of a specific seller because I need them to ship to Norway so I'm not getting the best deals. But if you search for: "tier handles" you should get some results to choose form. 
I use a 6mm drill bit and it did take some practice. My best advice is to be patient because if you speed up the drill to much its very easy to break the plates. Te drillbits can also be found at E-bay or Etsy.

7 kommentarer:

Jagoda sa...

Wow, beautiful cake stands! And you make them yourself? I am thrilled! I adore cake stands and made 2 so far but I work with wood... Greetings, Jagoda

Unknown sa...

Beautiful!!! I am having a link party featuring tiered display and cake stand this Wednesday, August 29 and would love you to link up. The link party is at http://homastyle.com and starts at 8 am Arizona time. Hope to see your awesome cake stands.

Donna Wilkes sa...

Love the blue, but all are very beautiful!

Distressed Donna Down Home

Teresa sa...

Amazing. You're so talented.

vikki sa...

Those are beautiful. Where do you find the pieces to put them all together. What a great use for old china.

gail@My Repurposed Life sa...

great stands! I wish you had done a tutorial on how you made them.


bathroom remodeling sa...

New cake stands
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