25. april 2011

New pendants for my shop

Some beautiful Easter days are sadly over but they the lovely sunshine gave new life to my creativity. It resulted in a few new domino pendants and some new fabric bowls that I will blog about later, but what I’m most excited about are my new puzzle pendants. The pieces are made from veneer not cardboard and the decorating technique is the same as with the dominos, but I think their shape gives them an interesting look. They will find their way to my Epla shop within the next few days, and have an introduction price of a 150 nok (but will eventually cost the same as my dominos.)

18. april 2011

Repurposed throusers

Yet again some old pants had to pay with their lives so that I could get a new bag. I do my best not to drag around more than necessary so I decided to make this one a little smaller than the ones I made before.

It is decorated with parts of old sweaters and buttons from my grandmother. Inside there are both a zippered and a mobile pocket.

10. april 2011

A new scarf

Today a new patchwork scarf found its way in to my Epla store. The colors gave me a feeling of spring so I decided to call it “spring sunshine” (it does sound better in Norwegian :)

6. april 2011

Lampshade bowl... again...

Yet again I have made a lampshade bowl. This time I decided to go for a different and rougher look, so I covered the whole thing with string. To finish it off I did sew some lace around the edge for a little contrast. The end result was actually better than I had predicted.

When I was finished I suddenly remembered that someone asked me for a tutorial. But I do have more lampshade frames so I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of the process next time I make one.

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