30. august 2010


This year, my daughter Amalie, started in 6th grade, and, as she told me Sunday morning, that meant it was time for cooking classes. For that she needed an apron and she didn’t really see any problems with telling me this late. It was just to sew one, she said. Well, I really didn’t have much choice so I had to give it a go.

Since this garment would have to be washed often I needed a fabric that was durable. That’s why I decided to use some old curtains. The design is based on the image in my head of an apron from the 50-60s. It turned out quite big, but the way she is growing at times I think that would be an advantage :)

28. august 2010

ATC-card - would you like to swop?

A while ago I came across a blog post in Ewas blog here, and I thought the idea was so good that I just had to join in. The card I sent to Ewa can be seen here:

and on Thursday I got this great card in return from her.

Since then there had been an oil convention here in town so I have been quite busy, but now life is back to normal and I have time to be creative again.

So far I have made 4 more cards that I hope someone would like to trade with me. The rules are as follows: The card measures 2,5” x 3,5”, you decorate them as you please, and on the back you write your name, address, date, title and signature.

So if any of these is to your liking please leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to trade with you :)

21. august 2010

Befor and after

This old office chair was left to me when my grandfather died. The plan was always to do it up, but I didn’t really know how. I love colors, so first I thought of painting it in a really strong green or maybe purple. But as time went the chair moved In with my daughter so she needed to have a say in the final outcome.

That’s why the chair ended up as high gloss white. I reupholstered the seat last fall, but, as you can see, this cover didn’t really go with the now white chair.

So I gave Amalie a free rummage from my fabric collection and the seat ended up covered in zebras.

15. august 2010

More paper mosaic

In the 90s torsos in plaster was very popular here in Norway. I joined in and molded quite a few of these. They ended up in a drawer not to be seen again until I decided to have a proper clear out 10 years later.

Most of the projects I have done in this technique has been portraits in various forms. Examples can be seen in the picture below or in previous posts here and here. But when I found the torsos I decided they would benefit from the technique as well and the result can be seen here

13. august 2010

This dress...

is far from perfect if you look at the technical aspect of it, but I’m quite happy with it anyway. It’s the first “real” piece of clothing I have ever made, and I learned a lot while doing it. The pattern is from Amy Butler, and the fabric was chosen because it was the only thing I had that was longer than a yard. (my fabric collections consist mainly of whatever I pick up at the local secondhand shop and bits and pieces that I find on sale)

Luckily, my daughter liked the dress anyway since dragons just happened to be her favorite animal these days :)

På norsk

7. august 2010

Baggy trousers

My darling daughter was home for a quick visit last weekend. Since I had to work all summer she has been travelling all over visiting family who’s been able to take in a little summer guest. She’s wanted a pair of baggy trousers in thin denim for a long time, and since we were not able to find any in the shops we decided that I could try sewing a pair… how difficult could it be… right…

First obstacle was to get the fabric. Where I live there are very few places to buy fabric, and of cause they never have what you’re looking for so ones again I had to resort to e-bay. The fabric arrived on Friday, so after spending some quality time with my daughter on Saturday I could start the project. My daughter chose the fabric for the pockets and the bias was a leftover from my mother’s old sewing box.

My first try wasn’t very successful, the waist was too high, it was to narrow around the ankles and the pocket opening to small. At that time I could see the doubts in my daughters eyes. She probably regretted the whole project and visualized having to wear this horrible creation so that my feelings wouldn’t be hurt :)

But I don’t give up easily, so I took the thing apart, cut of excess fabric, made new pockets, and put in some pleats to stop the waist from blowing up like a balloon. All in all it didn’t turn out to bad.

The pictures were taken at 7 o’clock in the morning, 5 minutes before we had to leave for the airport so they are not the best. But my daughter is still not back home, so I had to make do with what I had :)

På norsk
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