31. oktober 2010

Secondhand bargin

Yesterday I visited my local secondhand shop and the first thing I saw when I entered was this beautiful thing. I have wanted one for ages, but they have either been tiny or extremely expensive.

But yesterday it was finally my turn and this fantastic sewing box got to be mine for only 150 kr (about $25/£15) It’s a bit worn on top, but that’s nothing a little bit of paint won’t fix :)

28. oktober 2010

Lampshade bowl no 2

Finally the lampshade bowl no 2 of 4 is finished. The yarn is sort of a metallic brushed gold color, but even though it looks good it was not right for this project. It kept entangling which both resulted in me spending twice the amount of time and yarn to get it finished.

21. oktober 2010

Scaf in blue and green

I may not look like it, but I do actually work out and when I do i have a clear view to a quilt shop across the street. But it closes quite early so I have not had a chance to visit it yet. But last week it was a school holiday and I had a couple of days of work so I decided to stop by. The first things I see are some precut pieces that were just begging me to become a scarf. So when the shop owner gave me an offer I could not refuse I decided to grant their wish :)
At first I thought about lining it with fleece since it a very cold season ahead of us. But decided that it would be to impractical to wear so it ended up like this instead.


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17. oktober 2010

On the front page of Epla

Today I was lucky enough to have one of my bowl son the front page at Epla. Thank you very much Sophie Mari with the shop My Fie!

12. oktober 2010

Big fabric bowls

A few months ago I made some fabric bowls and I found the project so much fun that I promised myself that I would make more.

Since then I have done some experimenting and ended up with this.

With a diameter of 29 cm (11.5”) they are big enough to be filled with both fruit and chocolate (For those who like that sort of thing… :) I chose to make them in various colors and patterns to create some variation.

All of these bowls are now for sale at my Epla store.

8. oktober 2010

A new ATC card

Today I found a pleasant surprise in my mailbox… a new ATC card. I got this beautiful card from Karin på Øsæter, and her blog is here.

And I do still have more cards, so please let me know if you would like to swop :)

1. oktober 2010

Lampshade bowl

I had seen beautiful candy bowls made of old lamp shades on Epla, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would embrace a project like this. It seemed to time consuming and monotonous and I had more than enough projects going alreaddy so I really should concentrate on them instead of starting a new one.
 But that was until I stumbled upon 4 lampshades at my local second hand shop that was practically begging to be filled with candy. So I brought them home and put them in a corner, and from there they turned into one of those projects that you would love to see finished but never get around to doing.
 Eventually it was my lack of storage space that pushed me into getting started. (It’s amazing how space consuming a unused lampshade is, no matter how small it is…) It also helped that I needed a low concentration project on a Sunday after a very long Saturday.
So after a few hours of wrapping this bowl was born. As a bottom I used some thin plexiglas decorated with paper in the same color as the yarn. The only thing left now is to find the motivation to get the other tree done…
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