28. november 2010

My latest domino pendants

Since today is the first Sunday of advent the appropriate thing to do would be to have a post to mark the occasions. But as I have mentioned before I’m not really a Christmas person so instead I’m adding my latest domino pendants. They have all been added to my Epla store and a few are already sold (which makes is so rewarding to make new ones :)

21. november 2010

A new scarf

I’ve made another scarf and like the first one it’s got a pompom border and it’s made of different cotton squares. But these squares are a lot smaller then on the first one and the colors are blue, turquoise and green.  It’s for sale at my Epla shop and it’s also been chosen as a Christmas gift suggestion “for her”

13. november 2010

Christmas fabric bowls

I am defiantly not a Christmas person, especially not the years my daughter is celebrating with her dad. This is one of those years which mean that only a minimum of Christmas decorations will see the light of day in this house.  But the same will not be said for my Epla shop and the first products to start the festive season are these Christmas patterned fabric bowls.

My favorite

This is sold

My second favourite

Two versions of the snowman pattern.

9. november 2010

Cartoon coin purses

I’m probably not the only one that has seen the small coin purses made of old milk cartons. A while ago I decided to make my own version of these.

I laminated some old cartoons, cut, sew, folded, added a pushbutton and viola these purses were born. They have two departments and room for both coins and cards.

5. november 2010

Tapestry pillow

Yet again a pillow made of tapestry and leftovers has been born in my house. This one reminds a lot of my previous, except for the color scheme. The tapestry I picked up at my local second hand store a long time ago.
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