28. januar 2012

40 years ...

is a long time… For some people, like me, it’s a lifetime but for others, like my parents, it’s a marriage. We had a nice celebration last weekend and I gave them this card.
The writing on it is something like this: Love is when 2 people come together and become better persons because they have each other.

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21. januar 2012

Birthday girl

I have a very good friend, who sadly lives to far away, come to visit me this weekend. Her birthday is coming up so I decided to make her a little something. A couple of years ago I saw some really nice art dolls online, but I had forgotten to save the link. So now that I wanted to take a second look to get inspired I was not able to find it. This was before I discovered pinterest so a lot of good inspiration got lost at that time.

But I could not let a little thing as that stop me, so I dived into my fabric scraps, printed her picture directly onto cotton and sewed it all together. I wanted a little bit of a rough feel to the doll, so all the seams are on the outside.

The heart with always in it is symbolic because she is moving even further away next week but no matter where we are she will always be in my heart. I’m quite pleased with the result and luckily so was she when she got it J

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15. januar 2012

Wine crate shelves

Just before Christmas I got my hands on some wooden wine crates. They are brand new so the wood doesn’t have a nice aged patina, but I knew right away that I could turn them into a storage unit.  

I have an empty space (God forbid... right... :) in a corner behind the door that I have wanted to make into something useful for a long time and these crates were perfect. 

I played around a little before settling with the layout you see in the pictures.I didn’t want to paint the crates because I have a feeling that this corner won’t be their final resting place.

But because the wood was so new it needed“something” so I cut some scrapping paper to size and covered the back with that.

I didn’t have to buy anything to complete this project so I’m very happy to have new display shelves for free J

8. januar 2012

Denim covered stool

I bought this stool about a year ago because its feet match the feet of some fantastically comfortable 70s leather chairs I have.  I knew right away that I wanted to make a denim cover for it so I started sewing patches together in no particular order. You might think it should have been possible to finish this in a day, not difficult, not complicated, no reason for it to take any longer… right… oh how I wish it had been like that…
It was about 6 months from start to finish and I don’t even have a good excuse. But I guess the most important thing is that it actually got finished and that I now have a stool in my living room that I don’t embarrass me anymore J

It was about 6 months from start to finish and I don’t even have a good excuse. But I guess the most important thing is that it actually got finished and that I now have a stool in my living room that I don’t embarrass me anymore J


3. januar 2012

Denim bracelet - tutorial

One of my most popular posts last year was my denim bracelets, and I got a lot of requests for a tutorial. So I have decided to kick off the new year by keeping my promise.  

What you need to make these bracelets are as follows:
A worn out pair of jeans
Strong thread (I used fishing line for my first one)
Push buttons (I’m using a KAM press with buttons that I god from E-bay.)

1.   Select the seam you want to use. You will find several different ones on one pair of jeans. On mine there were 3 different ones.Number one is of no use for this project; whilst no 2 and 3 is ok. Personally I prefer no 3.

2.   Cut out the seam.

3.   Measure the length of the bracelet and add a little extra where the push buttons will be attached. Don’t be tempted to cut it a little shorter because if you use a stretchy denim, because if will not stretch when the beads have been attached. (The needle is only there to hold the seam in place for the picture since I managed to misplace my third hand :)

4.   Now it’s time to attach the push button. Follow the instructions for the type of button you decide to use. Mine probably look a lot more complicated than it is. 2 plastic pieces squashed together with the thong in the picture.

5.   Now your bracelet is finished and all you have to do is decorate it. I’ll show you two different ways to get you started, but I’m sure that all of you creative people out there can come up with several more. (When you do I would love to see so please let me know)

6.   For my first option you need a piece of thread about 2 ½ times the length of the bracelet that you attach to the needle.I could not find my fishing line so I’m using regular thread, but is highly recommended to use something stronger if you want to wear the bracelet more than ones.

7.   Start by threading beads on the string in the length of the bracelet.

8.Push the needle trough the bracelet from the front.

9.   Go back up after about two beads and down on the other side. Continue this for every two beads till you get to the ends.

10. When you reach the last bead put the needle trough it before you go through the bracelet and fasten the tread on the back.

The second one that I’ll show you is a little more time-consuming, but just as easy to make.

1 You will need a longer thread for this, but because it’s very easy to get I tangled up I would recommend changing when you’re half way finished. You start by putting the needle trough the bracelet from the back. (There should be a knot on the end of the tread to secure it.

2 I’m using some tube shaped beads for this and thread one to the string before I push the needle trough the bracelet to secure it.

3 Move the needle a little to the side before pushing it back up, attaching a new bead and pushing it back down. Continue this one bead at the time till you get to the end. Fasten the tread on the back and you have now finished your second bracelet.

I like to combine several different bracelets and wear them at ones.
Good luck to those of you who decide to have a go!


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