28. november 2011

Christmas fair and christmas stars

Yesterday I attended my first ever Christmas fair. Even though it was crowded I wasn’t happy with the sale.  I was a little late signing up so I ended up with a tiny table in the corner. But I have learned my lesson and will be signing up earlier next time.

When I still thought I would be at a normal size table I decided I needed to make some Christmas related products. I’m not a very Christmassy person and its especially hard to get in the mood before December. But then I saw a picture of a nice folded paper star and decided to have a go at that. My first attempt was in fabric and it was ok, but extremely time consuming and I don’t think anyone would pay for that time so I decided to go with paper aswell. I bought some scrapping paper that had print on both sides, cut out a crazy amount of strips and started folding according to this tutorial.

I decided to drop the 3D effect and not fold part three of the tutorial. I really liked the end result, and so did the people in the fair because it was without doubt my most selling item.

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23. november 2011

Album cover notebooks

A while back I made a birthday card out of an old album cover. I wanted to make note books with the rest of the cover and have been saving paper ever since and finally i had enought to make a few books (I have used all kinds of papers and some of the pages do have print on one side.)

I have seen so many beautiful journals on the net and have wanted to make one myself for a long time. So one of the books has been assigned to the task, but I have no plans for the rest of them just yet. Maybe I’ll bring them to the Christmas marked I’m attending this weekend.


18. november 2011

Denim bracelets

I have now made a tutorial for these bracelets. Take a look here.

A while back i decided to try to reuse as much of 4 old jeans as possible. So far they have been transformed into bowls, owls, a cover for an old chair and fridgemagnets.

Now the time has come to do something with the seams. First I thought about making coasters. I have seen some very nice coiled ones on the net and got very inspired, but then I started thinking about my much too large collection of beads and decided to make bracelets instead.

 I sewed on the beads and added a snap closure and then had a new bracelet easy as that… not really… sewing on the beads was really time consuming.

But I like the end result and they are really comfortable to wear.

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13. november 2011

Upcycled gift wrapping

Gift wrapping usually just gets thrown away so I really like to reuse what is seen as scrap for projects like this, I’ll be experimenting with a few ideas before Christmas, and if something works really well I’ll be making a tutorial.

But for this project I didn’t have time. Today is father’s day here in Norway so I’ll be going to see mine later on today. But I can’t show up empty handed so I bought him a small gift. To wrap it I made a gift bag out of an old newspaper, decorated it with a bow made from a magazine and card out of an old puzzle piece.

It’s not the most elegant gift in history, and I could use some practice with folding the gift bag. But as always it’s what’s inside that count J

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8. november 2011

Game piece swap

A while back I participated in a swap on Flickr. It was me and four lovely ladies from the US and lucky for me all of them were willing to ship abroad.
My contribution to the swap can be seen here
I definitely feel that I drew the longest straw in this swap. Just look what I got back… 3 fantastic pendants!

Please visite these lovely ladies here:


5. november 2011

Boots organizing

First i would like to thank all of my new followers who joined the last two weeks.  15 new followers in two weeks might not seem like much for you who live in the US. But I’m from Norway, a county with fewer inhabitants than a medium city in the US. So thanks again for following and I hope you’ll find something of interest in the future as well.

It’s autumn (surprise, surprise…:) and although it’s been a very mild and dry one so far I know it will get wet… very wet… which in turn triggers one of my biggest annoyances . Shoes and boots, sand and slush in perfect harmony all over the floor. Impossible to keep clean since the boots are constantly in the way. And even when I try to line them up nice it looks messy.

But then I got an idea… a curtain rod... Should be able to make that into something useful… I put thought into action and suddenly my hallway look a lot more organized and it’s possible for both the vacuum and mop to get around.
Only negative I have encountered so far is that the hooks I used has little teeth to provide a good grip. These teeth might leave a mark on the boot shaft so if you appreciate your things a little more than I do I would put something in between the shaft and teeth.

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