13. april 2013

Tutorial - potholders

These potholders are very decorative and easy to make. You decide what size you want, but mine are about 6" because that is the size of my square quilting ruler.

What you need:

Fabric, minimum 2 different pattern, but for a more dramatic effect use 4.
Fire resistant padding (I got mine from E-bay)

Cut 10 fabric squares (you need 5 for every potholder) and 2 padding squares.

Fold 8 of the squares in half and iron

Put two triangels back to back.

Put the third triangle on top of the square.

Lift up the triangle in the back and put it over the one on top.

Your square should look something like this.

Add the 4.th triangle.

Flipp over the corners on the top and bottom triangle

Put down the top triangle first

Put down the last corner and you should have a square that looks like this.

Take a piece of ribbon and stitch it to one of the corners.

Add the padding

Then put the final fabric square on top of that.

Sew all the way around and cut off the corners

Reverse the whole thing via the whole in the center og the 4 triangles in front.

12 kommentarer:

Sandy sa...

That was quite a bit of work putting
your potholders together and they
turned out really nice.
Thanks so much for your visit to
my blog and your sweet comments. Yes,
I live in a tropical area of Florida
and the critters are abound! I even
have gators out back in the creek!
Hopefully spring will come to you
Happy Week

Donna Wilkes sa...

These potholders would make great gifts for new brides - you could tie them to the top of the present in the bride's colors.

Anonym sa...

Your potholders are really darling. I love the colors and pattern!

Marti @ SewLicious Home Decor sa...

They are adorable!! Great tutorial...I would love for you to link up at my craft party SHOW-licious Craft Showcase.

Just follow the link....http://sew-licious.blogspot.com/2013/04/saturday-show-licious-craft-showcase-27.html.


Crystelle Boutique sa...

These potholders are super adorable Good work. Thanks for explaining how... :)

Wishing you a superb Tuesday... :)

hugs x

Crystelle Boutique

Eden House News and views sa...

These are brilliant

Genie sa...

Love the potholders!

Jayne sa...

These are like a puzzle, love them!

Feral Turtle sa...

These are so cool! I love the dog you embroidered for your brothers birthday too. In fact all of the projects you have done are really nice. Great work. Cheers from your newest follower.

Unknown sa...

I love this. I am always looking for my potholders. I think I'll make a few in bright colors, so I always have a few easy to find backups.

Highland Monkey's sa...

What nice little potholders you've made. I like the materials you have used very much.

Unknown sa...

These are fabulous! I love these and am pinning these right now! Wonderful tutorial. Thanks for linking up at Crafty Tuesday.

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