21. februar 2013

Freehand machine embroidery

February isn't just my brothers month. A few days after him it was both his wifes birthday and mothers day. My sister in law had wanted me to make a embroidery of their dog for a long time so i decided that this would be a good opportunity fulfill her wish.

And when I first got started I desided to make a butterfly for my mother as well.

I mounted the pieces on some suede leather and made some pouches of that like i did last time. The only difference now was that i decided to line the pouches with fabric that matched the colors of the dog/butterfly.sadly I forgot to take a picture of that before I gave them away.


5 kommentarer:

Our Pinteresting Family sa...

What a beautiful idea! :)

Bella@artclubblog sa...

Your embroidery skills are so impressive. What you made is lovely!

Anonym sa...

Lovely embroidery projects and the suede pouches would be very handy!

meandmr.com sa...

Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. You have a super cute blog! I look forward to reading more.

You can find me at meandmr.com

-Melanie @meandmr.com

Fluster Buster sa...

Very impressive! Thanks for sharing at Fluster's Creative Muster. I'm looking forward to seeing what you link up next week.

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