31. mai 2010

Girls fleece dress

This was supposed to be a dress for my daughter. I used one of her favorite dresses as pattern, but what I didn’t think of is that she is still very much growing. So the end result was much to small for her and the dress ended up with a friend instead. It’s made form an old fleece throw and appliquéd with the leftovers from an old skirt.

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30. mai 2010


Inspired by a good friends wedding I decided to put out these pictures that I made years ago and this was my first attempt at the pop art style. The picture on the left was a moving in present for when my friend bought his first bachelor flat. Luckily he liked it so much that he ordered one in the same style as a Christmas present for his sister.

The technique I use is the same as for the other paper mosaics I have made. I cut the desired colors from magazines and glue them on with gel medium. To make it more durable I put varnish on top.

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29. mai 2010

Pencil holder

Last weekend it was time to celebrate that my daughter got 1 year older. That meant that all of my sewing gear had to leave the living room (oh, so that’s what my dining table looks like…) But sitting around doing nothing isn’t really my thing, so it was time to bring out paper and scissors again.

I used gel medium to glue paper clippings from old magazines on to a small tin can. Inside I painted it magenta before I but on 5 layers of shiny varnish to get a wet look. The result was this pencil holder.

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27. mai 2010

Oh deer

Thought that was an appropriate name for this bag. I’ve had the fabric lying around for a while, and I’ve got no idea where it came from. Inside it’s lined with plain blue cotton, and the pocket is from a yellow 70s tablecloth.

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26. mai 2010


I found the tutorial for this triangle on a forum I visit regularly. I thought they were so cute and just had to give it a try. In lack of the proper tools I had to rely on my eyes to get the measurements correct. As it turned out, my eyes are not perfect but close enough :) The size was just right for storing q-tips and with a matching small bowl it became a nice set for the bathroom. The one in blue and white is staying with me, and the orange one has moved in with my daughters dad.

25. mai 2010

Fabric bowls

I had a lot of fun making these bowls. Got to use a lot of the leftovers I had laying around. To make the whole thing a bit more firm I ironed on heavy weight interfacing to both layers of fabric. Thought these would be useful anywhere in the house to put all those small bits and pieces that otherwise have a tendency to mysteriously disappear. (at least in my house…:)

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24. mai 2010

Book cover

This was an experiment that didn’t quite turn out as planned. I wanted to make a decorative cover for a notebook. I drew around it, added, what I thought was, a lot of seam allowance. I stitched everything together and added the appliqué. But when it became time to put the book in to the cover it turned out to be way too small. Eventually I managed to squeeze it in, but it the whole thing was very crocked. Luckily this was never meant to leave me, and I can live with the quirkiness just fine :)

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A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

The inside of these pillows I was lucky enough to get for free from a lady standing in front of me in a shop. She only wanted the covers and asked the woman behind the counter if she could throw away the rest. When I asked if I could have them instead, they looked at me as if I were stupid. But the pillows followed me home, so I couldn’t care less :) The only thing I didn’t like was that they were a bit thin, so I folded them in half and stitched them together. And then, with the help of a tapestry and a tablecloth from a second hand shop, some leftovers, ribbons and lace, these pillows saw the light of day.
The biggest one is 35 x 65 cm and the small one is 30 x 45 cm.

20. mai 2010

Bag made of old trousers

I bought my sewing machine last October, and some of my first projects were to transform some old trousers into bags. The first one was not very successful, but I’m quite happy about this one. The inside pocket used to be the back pocket of one of the trousers. Ideally I would have liked the shoulder strap to be a little longer, but that was the length of the legs so I just had to do the best of what I had.

18. mai 2010

Makeup bag

I made this makeup bag for a very good friend’s birthday earlier this year. It’s made from an old table cloth with a metallic surface and decorated with ribbons and a picture of the birthday girl :)

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17. mai 2010


These pillows were some of the Christmas presents I made last year. They were put togheter from old curtains, table runners and lace. The pictures was printed on transfer paper and ironed on to thin cotton and then sewn on to the pillows.

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13. mai 2010

Buttercup purse with sunhat

This purse is made by a pattern called “the Buttercup purse” (With some minor alterations) and those of you that want to try for you self will find the pattern here. The pattern for the hat is my own.
I planned to use this set for my trip to Spain later this spring. But that was before my mother saw it and asked if she could have it for mother’s day (that’s in February in Norway), and who can say no to their mother :)

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12. mai 2010

CD/DVD shelf

This piece was in my head for quite some time before it became a reality. The frame took me two years to find at a flea market. Before I decided to make this shelf I used to see these frames all over the place, but the second I decided to get one they were nowhere to be seen. Since then I have ended up with quite a few bits of “you never know” items

But the frame was only half of what I needed. It took me a couple of more years before I found something to use for the inside. My brother decided to redecorate his living room, and some of the things he wanted to throw out were 3 cd shelves from IKEA. When I realized that the width of the tree shelves put together was the perfect fit I was so happy. Now, all I had to do was cut off the access length, staple the pieces together, glue on the frame and put the whole thing up on the wall.

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Many, many years ago I used to do a lot of painting. But the combination of a small house and a daughter getting bigger and more curious by the minute I needed to find something to do that was a little less messy. The solution was to replace paint with paper. I used old magazines with glossy pages, cut out small pieces in the colors I wanted and then glued them to varied backgrounds.
This picture is about 42 x 58 cm, and the closer you get the more abstract it seems. That’s why very few people have been able to see what it actually is. (This might not make sense to those of you who just get to see the mini version in here)

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