21. februar 2013

Freehand machine embroidery

February isn't just my brothers month. A few days after him it was both his wifes birthday and mothers day. My sister in law had wanted me to make a embroidery of their dog for a long time so i decided that this would be a good opportunity fulfill her wish.

And when I first got started I desided to make a butterfly for my mother as well.

I mounted the pieces on some suede leather and made some pouches of that like i did last time. The only difference now was that i decided to line the pouches with fabric that matched the colors of the dog/butterfly.sadly I forgot to take a picture of that before I gave them away.


13. februar 2013

Freehand machine embroidery - not amused

Last week was my brothers birthday so I decided to sew him a picture of their family dog.
First i drew some weak pencil lines on a very thin piece of white cotton. What I should have done next was to iron some interfacing to the back to prevented the fabric from creasing. That is what I will do the next time I sew a similar picture, but this time I didnt have time to start over so i just left it as it is. My brother loves pink so the color of the background was a given from the start and the crown is silver, but that was difficult to capture in the picture. 

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