23. april 2012

New pendants

It’s been a long time since I made some domino pendants but yesterday I was finally able to update my shops here and here.
All of my pendants are one of a kind. I use magazine clippings, scrapping paper, lace, rub ons, napkins and whatever else I can find to create these small unique collages

If you don’t live in Norway I recommend Pipler. There the prices are in $ and international postage has been added to the products. But I have to warn you, Norwegian postage prices are very high and so is the cost of supplies so I’m not able to compete with sellers that offer similar products on Etsy. (This is why I don’t have any products in my Etsy shop at the moment)

Later this week I’ll be adding these. They are made from a different type of game piece decorated with magazine clippings.

18. april 2012

China plate clock

I’m continuing my task of repurposing old china. I got some clock movements in the post yesterday and even if I’m still waiting for the right drill bit I had to give it a try. I have a very nice plate that cannot be used in one of the cake stands because of a small chip in one of the corners. It’s from the 30s and I could not bring myself to cut it into jewelry so I decided to make a clock.

The drill bits that I use for the cake stands are 1-2 mm to small so it took me a long time to get the hole big enough (serves me right for not having the patience to wait for the right tools.) After that it was just to follow the instructions for the clock movements and put it all together. I am very happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to turn a few of my other plates into clocks as well

16. april 2012

Copenhagen findings

I’ve just come back after a beautiful weekend in lovely Copenhagen, Denmark.

My plan was to bring home some beautiful vintage plates, but sadly there were no flea markets close enough to the hotel. But by accident I stumbled upon a shop caller RetroVilla filled with (amongst other cute things) a lot of vintage wallpaper. If I had been a millionaire I would have brought almost every single roll home with me, but being on a budget I had to start the difficult task of choosing… After what seemed as an eternity I managed to pull myself away with a bag filled with gorgeous colors and patterns.

7. april 2012

Tea cup flowers

On one of my weekly trips to the local charity shop I came across a 6 sets of super cute tea cups with saucers. They are not old, but who can say no to roses and polka dots, so home with me they came.

Now what… I don’t like tea and I don’t drink coffee. So what else could I do but drill holes in the bottom and turn them into flower pots.

We have had some really strange weather this Easter. Snow and temperatures below 0c are strange even for Norway. But these cute little flower arrangements sure gave me a feeling of spring and a hope for warmer days to come.
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