28. april 2013

New dominos

These are my latest dominoes. All of them are already in my shop, but now they can be used both as a pendant and a key chain.

I have also been getting a lot of questions about where to get the supplies to make the cake-stands I showed you here and. So I have added the information for those that are interested.


21. april 2013

Crochet babys hat

This gorgeous little girl is my daughter's sister Elea Sofie. She is always happy just like her sister was at that age and I was lucky enough to be allowed to use her as a model for my baby hat experiments.

I got a lot of Egyptian cotton from a local yarn shop that was closing down. I'm still a crochet novice so I need small projects if I'm to have any hope of finishing. But I needed a little bit more challenge than washcloths so I decided to have a go at baby hats.

I didn't use a pattern to make these so the size was a little bit of a gamble. (not completely true, I did try to follow this tutorial, but for some reason it didn't work for me so i decided to wing it) I got lucky with the first one who was the perfect fit for 4,5 months old Elea. But the sunhat was a little on the small side so that would probably fit a 1-3 months old better. 

I'm attending a summer crafting fair at the end of May and If I'm able to finish a few more of these I'll bring them with me


13. april 2013

Tutorial - potholders

These potholders are very decorative and easy to make. You decide what size you want, but mine are about 6" because that is the size of my square quilting ruler.

What you need:

Fabric, minimum 2 different pattern, but for a more dramatic effect use 4.
Fire resistant padding (I got mine from E-bay)

Cut 10 fabric squares (you need 5 for every potholder) and 2 padding squares.

Fold 8 of the squares in half and iron

Put two triangels back to back.

Put the third triangle on top of the square.

Lift up the triangle in the back and put it over the one on top.

Your square should look something like this.

Add the 4.th triangle.

Flipp over the corners on the top and bottom triangle

Put down the top triangle first

Put down the last corner and you should have a square that looks like this.

Take a piece of ribbon and stitch it to one of the corners.

Add the padding

Then put the final fabric square on top of that.

Sew all the way around and cut off the corners

Reverse the whole thing via the whole in the center og the 4 triangles in front.

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