21. februar 2011

New cartoon wallets

A new batch of Cartoon wallets heading for my Epla store.  

17. februar 2011

Scarves of scraps

Last weekend I made 2 more scarves in spring colors. But by looking at all the snow outside the window I realize that I might have been acting a little ahead of time :)

I plan to put them for sale in my Epla shop as soon as I have taken some more detailed pictures. (Can’t wait for the time when there is still daylight when I get home from work :)

På norsk

6. februar 2011

Lampshade bowl no 3

I have a vague recollection of promising myself that I would never use this type of yarn for a project like this again… 5 min into making this bowl I remembered why… So for the next 2 days I had to deal with a numberless amount of tangles and knots before I finally was finished.

1. februar 2011

New pendants

It’s been a long time but finally some new pendants are being added to the shop. Here is a little taste:

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