24. november 2012

Subversive Christmas cards

Christmas is fast approaching and because of the Christmas fairs I'm attending I have been trying to get into the spirit a lot earlier than what is normal to me. You might say that my attempt wasn't very successful because the result were these Christmas cards. 

This type of embroidery is called guerrilla embroidery in Norway, but that name is a protected title here in Norway so I call mine irony or provocative embroidery. I think the english term for this type of work would be subversive embroidery/cross stitch.

 "Find your own way"

"I want, I want, I want"

This one was not easy to translate. "Fjompenisse" can be defined as a goofy person that speaks without thinking. Part of the word "nisse" means Santa. So this will be: No, you're a "fjompenisse"

4. november 2012

Cartoon wallets

This year first fair is fast approaching and I have very few things left to sell so I feel a little stressed at the moment. 

 I decided to start by topping of my stock of cartoon wallets and first out is a very popular Norwegian cartoon, Nemi.  Combined with Calvin and Hobbes these wallets are always the first to go.

 I might be adding one or two to my Epla shop, but most of what I’ll be making the next month will go directly to one of the 5 fairs I have signed up for.

The wallet  is simmilat to the milk carton wallet you can see all over the net.Its big enough for you cards, has two rooms and closes with a push button.
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