5. mai 2013

Repurposed paint swaps

Last summer I had various paint projects around the hose, and projects like tat generate a lot of pain samples. They looked very decorative all piled up and colorful so I decided that i wanted to try to give them a new purpose.

To get some ideas I decided to look to google for inspiration. And to my surprise a lot of different ideas appeared.  I knew there were a lot of creative people out there but that one could do so many different things with those small bits of paper really surprised me.

I decided to make these small notebooks. They were really simle to make and I used recycled paper cut to size inside. (Bills and formal letters always have half a blank side that I cut of an collected for a while for this project.)
If I stamp my contact information on the back they can be given out as useful businesscards. 

Under you'll find a list of some of the things I found on my search. Click the images to go to the wanted page.

Choose Your Color Paint Sample Notebook  Mint & Coral Home Decor // Coasters // Choose Your Color  // Recycled Paint Sample  Gift box with paint color chart as tag 

paint chip greeting cards  

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