26. september 2010

Epla update

I just had to tell about my Epla shop debut that has gone beyond all expectations. 5 days after I started I was featured on facebook as the taste of the day, then a few days later I got to be on the front page of Epla itself. Now, 2 weeks on, I have already sold a couple of necklaces, and I am unbelievably grateful to those that appreciate my work.

But the most exiting thing that happened was actually the day after my shop opened. I was contacted by Galleri Krane in Tromsø who wanted to buy some of my jewelry and then resell them in their galley. We have now agreed on the terms and, what I hope, will be the first of many shipments are ready to go north.

So now I’ll be chewing my fingers hoping the necklaces will be of taste to the people that are able to view them live aswell.

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19. september 2010

Decorated tin can

Here is another decorated tin can. On this I have glued on strips of different scrapping paper with pale blue swirls on top. Inside I painted it pale blue and glued a white lace around the top.

This can is a little bigger than the earlier ones, so its most likely to be used for storing scissors an paint brushes.

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15. september 2010


This weekend I decided it was time to get rid of some leftovers, and that the way to do it was to sew some birds.

It might have been a more appropriated project for spring, but the birds were very fun project so there will be more to come. Maybe I’ll try to sew them together to make a mobile.

The pattern would need some modification, especially the head (strange how things change when they go from being flat on a piece of paper to 3-dimensional…) but that will have to wait for next time.

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12. september 2010

Domino collages in my Epla store

Epla is the Norwegian version of Etsy, and I have finally opened up my own store. To be more specific I opened the account months ago, but haven’t had the time to do all the preparations needed for the shop itself. But finally it all got done and I’m happy to welcome everyone here who wants to take a look. I don’t have that many products yet, but it will come, slow but steady :) Today’s contributions are these 3 domino collages, 2 necklaces and 1 brooch.


9. september 2010

A new sketchbook

I have decorated yet another sketchbook. Both the technique and the book is the same, but the colors are a lot darker.

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7. september 2010

Owl pillows

Most people would have seen owls similar these around the net. With some encouragement from my daughter I decided to join the trend. They were made of both new and retro fabrics and they were fun to sew. But I got so bored with changing the tread all the time that I will not be sewing another one for quite some time :)

3. september 2010


From the start I was planning to use a completely different tapestry for this pillow. But as I was searching through my fabrics this pillow appeared, so the other tapestry will have to wait for a different fabric. I combined the pastry with some leftovers, an old curtain, some lace and ribbon.

Photobucket  Chic on a Shoestring Decorating 
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