27. januar 2011

Book origami

Ones again I came across a great recycling artist. His name is Isaac Salazar and you can find more of his work here.

I know that the thought of destroying a book makes a lot of peoples stomach turn. But the result of this vandalism was so good that I thought it would be worth sacrificing a book or ten for :)

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25. januar 2011

Wildlife on a pin

Thought I would show you my latest pin board needles.

I found some small rubber animals at my local craft store. I had some “naked” draw pins leftover from when I made my rose pins, so all I had to do was to glue the animals on top of them.

Not counting the time the glue needed to dry, the whole project took me about 10 minutes… and my daughter was thrilled when she realized that she didn’t have to choose between them, because they were all hers :)

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17. januar 2011

Owl and cork board

My sister-in-law wanted an owl for Christmas. The owl should settle down in the living room so I decided to try a new design. As with the first owls I made my daughter decided to adopt one the minute she laid her eyes on it. So I didn’t really have a choice but to sew another one witch I’m showing you here. (I’ll show you my sister-in-laws later)

From the leftover fabric I decorated one more cork board and then the whole lot moved in to my daughter’s bedroom at her father’s house.

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14. januar 2011

Domino picture

As mention i my last post my pile of broken dominoes were getting quite big. So big that I had enough for one more picture, this time in warmer colors.
The photo below is taken in a bad angel and the reason is that my living room is so dark at this time of year that I had to use flash. And with blitz this was the only way to get  a picture without glare :)

11. januar 2011

A collage of collages

With time I have been making quite a few domino collages. By first glands it might seem like an quick and easy job, but I can assure you that isn’t so.  It’s a lot more difficult to make a small than a large collage. That’s why its so annoying when I have to throw one away for whatever reason.  But instead of throwing them in the bin I started collecting them and the pile is getting quite big. So, as with everything else, I had to find some way to use them and the result was a collage of collages :)

4. januar 2011

Display shelf

First I would like to wish everyone a happy new year!

Then I’ll continue where I left off last year, with a Christmas present. I have seen these in a lot of Scandinavian blogs and I find them truly beautiful. They probably appeal to me because of the million ways one can make them look with a little bit of paint and some paper. I have no idea what they are called in English, so I tried google translate. The word I got was “compositor” and I that just didn’t seem right, so I googeled ones more and what I got had nothing to do with these things, so I’ll try explaining what it is instead. They are small shelves used to display all the small and useless, but oh so beautiful, things that otherwise would get lost.

I decorated mine with turquoise paint as base, painted the edges green and put some red dots on top. Inside I used scrapping paper that I protected wit both ordinary and dimensional lacquer

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