25. oktober 2011

Doily curtain

I have seen these doilies sewn together as quite nice table runners.  But even if I could defiantly use one of those, my need to screen for insight was higher.

I live in the center of Stavanger. That means that I have a lack of natural light inside and that my neighbors live very close by. The lighting problem is particularly big in the hallway. I have only one small window in the middle of the stairs and that is supposed to give light to a two floor hallway. I removed the old curtain this summer and was amazed with the difference but as we are approaching the darker months it became clear that both my neighbor and I needed some privacy.

So I decided to use the doilies that were left from my lampshade makeover in my previous post and make a curtain. I laid the doilies out on the floor and moved them around until I was happy with the layout. Then I sewed them together by hand before hanging them in front of the window. For a curtain filed with holes it covered up nicely.


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