30. september 2012

Plastic bag dispenser

I’m finally seeing light in the end of the tunnel regarding my redoing projects. But it sure has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. It’s difficult finding a balance between my day job, looking after my daughter and keeping a steady progress on the project.  But finally all that’s left are finishing touches.

To take my mind of things ones in a while I have been crocheting. It’s quite new to me so I don’t have the confidence to take on to advanced projects.  But I found a this blog with patterns on useful objects that were easy enough for me to follow. 

My first attempt was this dispenser for plastic bags. I used t-skirt yarn and followed the instructions up until the end, then I decided that I wanted the opening a little smaller so I crochet a few more rounds while reducing it.

It feels a little bulky now, but I think it will smoothen itself out after being used for a while.
If anyone wonders why the cats for sits high up on a shelf I could assure you that there is a very logical explanation for that. I used to have a dog, a very well behaved one. She would even leave dinner leftovers alone until it was served to her in her bowl.  So with the dogs bowl on the floor and the cats on the shelf all the food got it its rightful owner  :)

This is an old picture of my lovely daughter  and the best friend I ever had. (My daughter is 13 today) The dog, Bambi, is waiting for my her to say værsågod/you're welcome. This caused a lot of frustration until my daughter learned to talk :)


3 kommentarer:

Christine sa...

I need one!! Very useful and very cute!

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

Marie @ www.scissorsandspoons.com sa...

Cute project and photo!

Michelle Day sa...

Super cute! I need one of these. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday each week. Have a great weekend.

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