1. oktober 2010

Lampshade bowl

I had seen beautiful candy bowls made of old lamp shades on Epla, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would embrace a project like this. It seemed to time consuming and monotonous and I had more than enough projects going alreaddy so I really should concentrate on them instead of starting a new one.
 But that was until I stumbled upon 4 lampshades at my local second hand shop that was practically begging to be filled with candy. So I brought them home and put them in a corner, and from there they turned into one of those projects that you would love to see finished but never get around to doing.
 Eventually it was my lack of storage space that pushed me into getting started. (It’s amazing how space consuming a unused lampshade is, no matter how small it is…) It also helped that I needed a low concentration project on a Sunday after a very long Saturday.
So after a few hours of wrapping this bowl was born. As a bottom I used some thin plexiglas decorated with paper in the same color as the yarn. The only thing left now is to find the motivation to get the other tree done…
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