26. september 2010

Epla update

I just had to tell about my Epla shop debut that has gone beyond all expectations. 5 days after I started I was featured on facebook as the taste of the day, then a few days later I got to be on the front page of Epla itself. Now, 2 weeks on, I have already sold a couple of necklaces, and I am unbelievably grateful to those that appreciate my work.

But the most exiting thing that happened was actually the day after my shop opened. I was contacted by Galleri Krane in Tromsø who wanted to buy some of my jewelry and then resell them in their galley. We have now agreed on the terms and, what I hope, will be the first of many shipments are ready to go north.

So now I’ll be chewing my fingers hoping the necklaces will be of taste to the people that are able to view them live aswell.

På norsk

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