7. august 2010

Baggy trousers

My darling daughter was home for a quick visit last weekend. Since I had to work all summer she has been travelling all over visiting family who’s been able to take in a little summer guest. She’s wanted a pair of baggy trousers in thin denim for a long time, and since we were not able to find any in the shops we decided that I could try sewing a pair… how difficult could it be… right…

First obstacle was to get the fabric. Where I live there are very few places to buy fabric, and of cause they never have what you’re looking for so ones again I had to resort to e-bay. The fabric arrived on Friday, so after spending some quality time with my daughter on Saturday I could start the project. My daughter chose the fabric for the pockets and the bias was a leftover from my mother’s old sewing box.

My first try wasn’t very successful, the waist was too high, it was to narrow around the ankles and the pocket opening to small. At that time I could see the doubts in my daughters eyes. She probably regretted the whole project and visualized having to wear this horrible creation so that my feelings wouldn’t be hurt :)

But I don’t give up easily, so I took the thing apart, cut of excess fabric, made new pockets, and put in some pleats to stop the waist from blowing up like a balloon. All in all it didn’t turn out to bad.

The pictures were taken at 7 o’clock in the morning, 5 minutes before we had to leave for the airport so they are not the best. But my daughter is still not back home, so I had to make do with what I had :)

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