12. mai 2010

CD/DVD shelf

This piece was in my head for quite some time before it became a reality. The frame took me two years to find at a flea market. Before I decided to make this shelf I used to see these frames all over the place, but the second I decided to get one they were nowhere to be seen. Since then I have ended up with quite a few bits of “you never know” items

But the frame was only half of what I needed. It took me a couple of more years before I found something to use for the inside. My brother decided to redecorate his living room, and some of the things he wanted to throw out were 3 cd shelves from IKEA. When I realized that the width of the tree shelves put together was the perfect fit I was so happy. Now, all I had to do was cut off the access length, staple the pieces together, glue on the frame and put the whole thing up on the wall.

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