28. oktober 2012

Back to the 80s - Hair scrunchies

I have been doing a lot of crocheting lately. Probably because it very compatible with "doing nothing" like watching TV or waiting in a doctors office. And a little while back I fond the perfect project to just keep in my purse in case of a boring moment... hair scrunchies. Just the word takes me back to the fabulous 80s.

I found the tutorial here, and its perfect for putting all the little bit of leftover yarns into good use.
But most of all its the perfect project for those that are inexperienced and a little bit inpatient like me.

It takes me about one evening to finish one. (I'm sure of you have been crocheting for a while you could manage both two or tree  in the same time :) I've used a size 2 or 3 hook depending on the thickness of the yarn

I use elastics from H&M on the inside. They come in packs of about 15, and a girl do only needs so many scrunchies, so I'll bring the rest to all the Christmas fairs I signed up for this year.


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