3. september 2011

New cartoon wallets

The process is time consuming but finally, the new stack of cartoon wallets is finished. There were exactly 30 of the in a combination of Calvin and Hobbes, Tom & Jerry, Disney, The Hulk and Lucky Luke.

What remains is the image processing before I can start listing them on Epla. (Norwegian Etsy)  But the image processing will be a challenge this time. I had to admit defeat and get a new computer. The reason why I put up with the old one for so long was that it had an original Photoshop version on it. I got the program from a former employer a few years ago so I had no product code or CD anymore.

I have therefore had to use the free program Gimp. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this program. Considering the opportunities it offers it’s quite amazing that its free. But its not Photoshop so I’m missing some features and the things I don’t miss takes a lot longer to get done. (And a little longer becomes a lot longer when you multiply it with 150 + images)

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