25. mai 2011

Repurposed china

It’s been quiet on my blog for a while, but fortunately that doesn’t mean that there has been a creative drought as well. Some new pendants, both dominos and puzzles have seen the light of day. 
Some can be found in my Epla store and some were sold before they got there.

Otherwise, I came across this blog a while ago.
It has unfortunately not been updated the last year, but the plate silhouettes it featured was absolutely amazing. Since I've had a new Dremmel lying around since Christmas I decided that porcelain plate figurines would be the perfect project for inaugurating it. Nothing as advanced as the portraits of course, but a little bird or maybe a butterfly.

It turned out to be a time consuming project because the porcelain gets very heated so it is necessary to stop quite often to let it cool down. I must also find a more practical way to cut because it was impossible to get to the corners without cutting into the actual figure.


Note to self; this is an outdoor project for a sunny day.  It generated a lot of dust so my living room looked like it had been covered with snow. Also I need to get myself some safety goggles because the occasional larger piece of china decided to jump out and I don’t think I would like them in my eyes.

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