14. januar 2011

Domino picture

As mention i my last post my pile of broken dominoes were getting quite big. So big that I had enough for one more picture, this time in warmer colors.
The photo below is taken in a bad angel and the reason is that my living room is so dark at this time of year that I had to use flash. And with blitz this was the only way to get  a picture without glare :)

2 kommentarer:

Carla sa...

They don't look broken! Love the face picture on the bottom role. Tell me about it, it look very interesting, please!?

Susanne sa...

Hi Carla!
Thanks for your kind words.
The face is the same in both picture, but the one on the domino is a copy of an original collage that i did years ago. I scanned it onto the computer and printed it on transfer paper. The original collage is made from magasine clippings.


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